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Hi guys! If you are staying in Brisbane these holidays like me, you might be wondering what kind of places you should visit or what fun activities there are to do when catching up with your friends.  Well, let me tell you about a great place that has what I call the  F.E.S. This means food, entertainment and shopping!

Visit Eat Street Northshore!

This is a unique place in the world and you can find it in Brisbane! Entry to Eat Street is just $3.

I went there with two of my best Aussie mates who have never been there before! (such a surprise!) It was a great experience for us! We took the ferry for fun, it’s just 20 minutes from the city and cheaper than an Uber or Taxi.

When we arrived  (after a long trip, Lol) we found the following amazing things:

Food diversity

Eat Street Northshore has over 70 international food’s sellers where you can find a huge variety of dishes like Mexican, Brazilian, Italian food and much more. Eat Street also has delicious desserts like The Byron Gelato or if you are a fan like me of fairy floss you can have that too (it reminds me of my childhood, Lol) Also, you can enjoy vegan chocolate with strawberries!


However, there’s not only food, but there are also some Art Deco shops where you can buy jewellery at affordable prices, clothes, or even beautiful handbags for women. If you are a fan of candles (I love the smell of them) you can make your own candles and express your personality filling a jar with your favourite fragrant layers.

Music -entertainment

If like me, you are a music lover you will enjoy the music performances that they offer. However, I have to admit that the ‘’Laneway’’ section was my favourite area because of the music style. You can enjoy a delicious chocolate dessert while you are relaxing and enjoying a good jazz performance.

Eat Street is more than a place to eat, it’s a great experience while you are on a semester break. You can actually celebrate your birthday here or organise an event, there are several different packages to choose from.

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