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Holiday edition: A half day trip to Ipswich

Hello everyone! Holidays are finally here and I’m sure that many of you have been taking the opportunity to take a breath and explore new places in Queensland. So today, I will be sharing with you a half day trip itinerary to Ipswich. It’s just 40 minutes away from Brisbane by car or approximately 1 hour 30 minutes by public transport. You will find yourself immersed in a beautiful Queensland heritage city. Boasting beautiful parks, historical buildings and vibrant food and shopping precinct.  It is definitely worthwhile for you to make a half day or even a full day trip to this city.

For me, I have visited the famous Ipswich nature centre which includes a free zoo where you can see wombats, wallabies, and many other Australian animals.  I also visited the Ipswich art gallery and stopped by Riverlink shopping centre for a quick bite. Watch my video that summarises my trip to Ipswich, I hope you enjoy it. There are still so many places that you can visit during your trip, just check out the Ipswich’s official website to find something that suits your interest.




Hi everyone! I am Nicola and I'm from Singapore. I decided to come to Australia to study because I wanted to pursue my passion for dance at QUT, as well as to gain new and memorable experiences overseas. After graduating from QUT International College I decided to take my passion for Dance further with a double degree in Dance and Education. While studying at QUT I have become actively involved in the local dance community and attend international dance competitions whenever possible. I am certainly enjoying my time studying here at QUT and thankful for all the opportunities QUT has provided for me. My goals are to inspire others and impart my knowledge to future students who can grow and learn from my experience.

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