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Hiking in the Glasshouse mountains

Recently, one of my friends told me that he was not satisfied with just climbing  Mountain Coo-tha. Hearing this, I recommended the  Glasshouse mountains to him: “Try Glasshouse mountains, you will love it”.

Free climbing of a great mountain has always been a dream for me. Recently my sport-loving friends (most of my friends are fascinated about trying new things and new sports) invited me to go for a ‘hiking’  weekend.  I had not even tried climbing before, but I achieved it with the help of my motivated friends. The views were absolutely stunning, I have selected some of the pictures to show to you.

As one of my local friends’ says the word, the glass house is actually the Grass house. Glasshouse mountains are named after the shape of their appearance, no flat road to the top, but covered with rocks and greens. Please use your hands and feet or your entire body while climbing.

There are only two mountains where you might need rock climbing instruction. One is Beerwah, and the other one is Tibrogargan. If you are an athletic person, bring your trusted mates on a sunny weekend and don’t forget great climbing shoes, you will be ready to conquer these mountains. Bring your camera, it’s really worthwhile to take some pictures at the top if you can :).

If you just want to spend a peaceful and leisure weekend, Moutain Ngungun will be the best choice. You can also have picnics here.

Transport: It is really convenient to get here. If you have a car, it will take you 1.5hours and if you don’t you can take the Nambour train from the central station which takes about one hour.

Many thanks to my mate Shane for supporting me throughout the trip to climb the hill. (He is also a QUT graduated ).

Hi, my name is William and I come from Guangzhou China. I love traveling, doing sports, and meeting people from different cultural backgrounds. I'm also a bit of an adventurer, I like to experience new things, as well as writing and reading. I decided to go to Australia to fulfill my dream of becoming independent and learning something new. Currently, I'm studying for a Master of Education something that I really enjoy. I'm a hardworking and motivated person who wants to share my experience of studying and living in Brisbane and hopefully inspire others to study overseas.

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