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Spending your time meaningfully in Australia – part 1


Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing with you how I spend my time meaningfully in Australia. I will be splitting this into two sections as I would like you to have a glimpse into my life here in Queensland and have an idea on how to spend your time overseas in a fulfilling manner.

Undertaking a double degree

Doing a double degree in two different courses that I am very passionate about keeps me occupied and fuels my love for learning. Not only am I able to learn a variety of content every day, but I am also able to make new friends from both courses. It is certainly an eye-opening experience for me as I can gain new knowledge and experiences whilst working with both my dance and education peers. Even though this may seem pretty daunting initially, I can assure you that this would be a fulfilling academic journey for you and you will get the best out of this dual degree program in various aspects.

Joining an external organisation

For me, I was introduced to a Chinese Dance organisation where I got to meet like-minded Chinese dancers and share my passion for dance with them. I was grateful to be given opportunities by my teacher to represent their organisation and compete in a prestigious Beijing dance competition. I was also given the opportunities to perform with the organisation and I can say that my moments spent with them was truly memorable. Here are some photos that showcase my experience. If you have a strong passion for any particular activity including sports or arts, I recommend you to join an externally verified organisation to pass your time.

Joining a school club/ society

Coming from Singapore, I’ve joined QUTSSA and did not regret making that choice. From hosting reception dinners to welcome all Singaporeans who were commencing their studies in Brisbane, to organising our National Day celebration, I felt that these events made it so much easier for me to integrate into a new environment. I could still communicate with my fellow Singaporeans in “Singlish” and feel so much at home. There are plenty of clubs and societies you can choose from at Uni, such as sports, special interests, faculties and international associations. Be sure to get involved in these clubs and societies to make the most out of your time here in Australia!


Hi everyone! I am Nicola and I'm from Singapore. I decided to come to Australia to study because I wanted to pursue my passion for dance at QUT, as well as to gain new and memorable experiences overseas. After graduating from QUT International College I decided to take my passion for Dance further with a double degree in Dance and Education. While studying at QUT I have become actively involved in the local dance community and attend international dance competitions whenever possible. I am certainly enjoying my time studying here at QUT and thankful for all the opportunities QUT has provided for me. My goals are to inspire others and impart my knowledge to future students who can grow and learn from my experience.

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