Things to do in Brisbane

Music is the soul of Brisbane!

Thumbs up if you like music as I do!

Hi guys! As a Latin woman, I love music and of course, I love to dance (and yes! I can dance ‘’Despacito’’)  The good news is that in Brisbane there are a lot of places where you can hang out and enjoy music.

For me, listening to music, or dancing is a good way to relax and recharge the batteries (as we say in Mexico).

So, here are my Top 3 favourite’s places in Brisbane to listen to music and have a great time!

1. Brisbane Square & Latin Friday nights

With Latin blood, I love to dance salsa! This place is a great option if you want to experience Latin culture. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to move your hips! Lol.  There are some professional dancers that can teach you for free and you can go there only to enjoy the music, have fun and just watch, you will have a great Friday Night. It’s also an opportunity to meet people and get involved with the Latin culture. I think that the best time to go is around 9 pm. I recommend that you use comfortable shoes if it is your first time experiencing salsa, but if you are an expert Latin lady I know you can do it with your high heels! But to be honest, I prefer comfortable shoes, so I can enjoy and dance more without feeling pain in my feet.

Click here to watch some Latin steps

2. The Croft House in the City Centre

OMG! This is definitively one of my favourite places to go when you are in a relaxed mood. This place has great coffee, food and desserts, but most importantly, they have a great singer! Liam Bryant is one of my favourite’s singers here in Brisbane. He sings lots of covers and makes them sound incredible and unique with a smooth voice and great passion. Listen to his music, drinking coffee with your friends it is really a great combination. Click here to visit The Croft House website.


3. QUT International College (QUTIC) Music Club

Do you know that QUTIC has a music club? For those who like to sing, or even play an instrument it’s a really a nice place to express your inner musician. You will meet incredible talent and make new friends. The club has some amazing events during the semester, so, you can join them and be involved in the Musician’s society. I know you sing in the shower, so don’t be afraid and get your voice out from the bathroom and join this awesome Music Club!


So, now you know where to go! We hope to see you there at the QUTIC music club or dancing with us on Friday ”Latin Nights”.



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