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A quick look at Sandgate

Do you want to take a quick day-trip instead of just shopping in the city? Sandgate is a wonderful choice! (map)

It’s just a short trip to get there by train. You can enjoy fish and chips at the peaceful beach and take a stroll along the walkway whilst feeling the breeze from the ocean. The small village gives you a great vibe and you can truly have a relaxing afternoon, enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Watch my video adventure to Sandgate by clicking here. You’re going to love it!

Yen-Ning is from Taiwan, now studying Diploma in Business. She has lived in Brisbane since she was 18. Yen-Ning is happy that she made the decision to study abroad, as it has been an amazing experience for her. She enjoys making new friends from all over the world, participating in social activities, and experiencing different cultures and traditions. She is really excited to try new things, which is why she wanted to become a QUT Blogger. She likes to travel to new countries and wishes to travel around the world someday. Yen-Ning is excited to share all these stories and experiences with you. She is always looking forward to what the future brings. She hopes that you will learn something from her stories!

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