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Exam revision tips

So… it’s going to be that time of the year again.

That’s right, examinations are just around the corner, and some of you are starting to feel the stress. Fret not, here are four tips for you to get through the exam period.

1. Plan

Getting organised and planning your time wisely are some of the key prerequisites to improve your time management and ensuring you are on top of things. A study timetable would be useful as you are able to track your revision progress and make sure that you are sufficiently prepared to sit for any exams.

2. Consult

This is the best time to speak with your teachers and clarify any doubts that you have with regards to any topics. Back in QUT International College (QUTIC), I found this really helpful as I am able to have my questions answered and am better able to have a clearer picture on the topic that I found greater difficulty in comprehending. Make sure to book your consultation slots early to avoid disappointment (ps. Teachers are equally busy during this period)!

3. Write

For me, writing down the key points or information that I tend to forget boosted my memory, and I found it easier to absorb relevant information more efficiently and effectively. This is especially helpful for those studying heavy content subjects like Business or Australian Studies (a compulsory subject in QUTIC). I strongly suggest doing mind maps, making notes in a notebook or anything else that best suits your learning style.

4. Rest

Indeed, studying is essential to achieving better grades. However, solely focusing on that and failing to take short breaks in between your revision, or even longer breaks over the weekend, will deem your productivity levels low. Taking breaks is equally important as they can help to take your mind off the stress and content load and allow you to relax and have a breather. This, in turn, can help to increase your concentration levels and you will definitely find it easier to absorb information related to your examinations.


Ps. If you are looking to relax over the weekend after a week of “intense” revision, try places catered towards nature such as Mount Coot- tha botanic gardens and Daisy Hill Koala Sanctuary. I will be posting more about these places soon, stay tuned!






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