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Hello everyone! In a blink of an eye, it has already been 7 weeks since the start of university, and I am finding myself busy with assignments and already missing my home country, Singapore. However, a few weeks back, I discovered two places where I feel at home away from home; somewhere that I feel comfortable and able to buy groceries that are similar to those back in Singapore. Well, doesn’t that sound fabulous? Some of you may be wondering if there are any other areas of Brisbane where you can get your much-needed groceries which may not be available in the large supermarkets. So today, I will be sharing two of those places. Hope you find them useful!


Most of you may have heard of this suburb in Brisbane, where you can get delicious Asian meals for a relatively reasonable price. However, did you know that there are several supermarkets in Sunnybank that sell a wide variety of fresh produce and non- perishable food at a really cheap price? Some supermarkets include Yuen’s Market (suitable for Asian groceries), Hanaro Mart (suitable for Korean groceries) and Formosa Asian Market (suitable for Asian groceries). What’s even better, if you are a seafood lover, be sure to check out Sunnybank Fish Market. I was overjoyed to find that there are fish markets located in Brisbane as I was used to eating fresh fish from the markets back home.

Tip: After ticking the boxes off your grocery shopping list, treat yourself to a sumptuous meal at any of the restaurants in Sunnybank. I strongly recommend Market Square (just across the road), where you can find restaurants selling local food from countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Japan, just to name a few.


Perhaps some of you may not have heard about Inala. Inala is definitely a place for all Vietnamese food lovers, and to those who wish to purchase really cheap Asian groceries (especially vegetables). From fresh lotus roots (not frozen) to herbs and high-quality meat sold in butcheries, there is certainly something that you can pick up while shopping at Inala. Additionally, they have not only one but three fresh seafood markets in Inala! I was spoilt for choices as there was so much good quality seafood to choose from. Be sure to check out Inala Fish Market, Duong Dong Fish Market and Mons Seafood Market. Lastly, I was pleased to find fresh soya bean drinks and they were only 3 for $5? What a bargain! So if you’re looking to find places that sell really good soya bean drinks, remember to head to Inala. Note that they are sold only on Saturdays, but the markets are open every day from 8am to approximately 6pm.


Tip: If you’re planning to go in the morning, be sure to put on a cap or hat as it may get really hot. Bring along your own trolley bag as you may end up filling your bag to the brim with groceries (happens to me all the time). Order a Vietnamese iced coffee, sugar cane juice or bubble tea to quench your thirst!


Hi everyone! I am Nicola and I'm from Singapore. I decided to come to Australia to study because I wanted to pursue my passion for dance at QUT, as well as to gain new and memorable experiences overseas. After graduating from QUT International College I decided to take my passion for Dance further with a double degree in Dance and Education. While studying at QUT I have become actively involved in the local dance community and attend international dance competitions whenever possible. I am certainly enjoying my time studying here at QUT and thankful for all the opportunities QUT has provided for me. My goals are to inspire others and impart my knowledge to future students who can grow and learn from my experience.

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