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Resources for QUTIC students!

QUT International College (QUTIC) offers a lot of resources to help students maximise their learning at QUT.

Language Learning Advisors (LLA)

As an international student, learning English is very important. The Language learning advisors (LLA) can help you with not only checking your assignment grammar but also enhancing the structure of writing. They also help with other language difficulties, they are all very generous and willing to help you. However, remember to make an appointment through blackboard before seeing them. They are usually very busy so best to make an appointment at least one week in advance.

Welfare support

The welfare advisors’ help students with a wide range of issues such as dealing with culture shock and adjusting into a new place, homesickness, anxiety, relationship problems and much more. They can also write referrals for career counsellors.  Seeing the QUTIC Welfare Support team can enhance your experience of life and studies in Brisbane


The QUT library is always a good place for students to go to prepare for assignments, quizzes, and exams. The library provides plenty of seats and tables for students to use and the Kelvin Grove library is also newly refurbished. Check out the meeting rooms, computer labs, and even games lab.

24-hour computer laboratory

The 24-hour laboratory is your second option to study, you can go there after the library is closed or on public holidays. The laboratory is secure and you must scan your student ID card before entering. If you are sick of going to the library every day, give the 24-hour laboratory a go.

Various workshops

At  QUTIC, there are various workshops to help students get involved. You will find the information in your QUT email. There are workshops like finding work in Brisbane which gives you some knowledge about how the system works or how taxes are being charged. In addition, some workshops support you in academic learning, like teach you how to create a reference list, or how to work with digital tools. Most of the workshops don’t need an appointment, just drop in and see what you can learn!


Every student has to take tutorials, and tutors are those who can give you the most practical advice. Consulting with your tutor is very helpful for your assignments and academic learning. Most of the tutors have consultation time, for some you need to make an appointment, while others don’t. If you have never consulted a tutor before, you must give it a try. There are individual consultation rooms in P block which provides quiet space for discussing. Sometimes, it is nervous for international students to sit down and talk to people in English face to face. However, you will find it easier after trying it once, and it will also be helpful for your English speaking ability.

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