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How to overcome assessment stress

Hi guys!

What do you feel when you hear the word ‘’assessments’’, or ‘’due date’’?. There are lots of emotions involved in just one tiny word, right?  but the most relevant reaction is STRESS!

If it is your first semester (like me), you will understand how stressful these tasks can be. Not only does writing essays require specific research to be done, language plays a big role as well. English being my second language, the tasks are even more challenging. Therefore, I need to ensure that my essays don’t have grammar mistakes, so it is double the stress, right?

I was wondering how to overcome this stress. Instead of worrying about it, I decided to take control of it and enjoy the process.

So, I will give you a simple technique of how to overcome assessment stress.

If you split the word ‘S-T-R-E-S-S’ into letters, you will get:

S = Say “No” to procrastination

  1. Say no to ‘Procrastination’, Some students procrastinate their tasks. When the due date is coming, the stress intensifies, and some even skip tutorials to finish up their assignments. Start on your assignments earlier, and you will even have extra time to proofread your work. Avoid procrastination, and stress will reduce significantly.
Work hard!






T = Time

2. T= Time: Planning your time is a good strategy because it will reduce your stress. If you know when your due dates are, start planning backwards from the due date. Planning it forward may not be a good idea as time will pursue you. You can check the due dates and criteria sheets of every assessment on Blackboard beforehand.

QUT Computer lab






R = Relax

  1. R= Relax and breathe. It is important to take breaks, eat and sleep well. If you are working continuously under pressure your brain will be tired. Taking short breaks between tasks aids your brain in relaxing for a few minutes. This way, you will be energised and perhaps come up with better ideas, with a clearer mind.
Take a break !

E = Establish a good workplace

  1. E= Establish a good workplace: Find a place where you feel comfortable with a good atmosphere. If you are like me, you can get inspired by your favourite music while you are working. If you prefer quiet areas, you can find the ‘’Silent Zone’’ in the library for studying, or you can book a private room.


And finally the last ‘two SS’

SS = SoS

  1. S= S.O.S: If you need help on your assessments, have questions about citations, or feel insecure about the information regarding your assessment, you can always ask for help. There are sessions such as the “Learning and Language” in the library. Advice from these sessions may help you to improve your assessments. Do not forget to check QUT citewrite (APA) for more information about citations and references For study skills, visit:

Taking control of ‘stress’ will help you to have a relaxing and enjoyable assessment experience while studying at QUT. I hope these techniques help you with your next assessments.

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