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My QUT enrolment tips

Doing something new sometimes makes you feel anxious. Have you ever experienced that sensation of uncertainty?

Before I started my degree at QUT I had a lot of questions. Everything for me was completely new, from the process of enrolment to the university education system. I know how complicated it can be if it is your first semester in a different country and diverse culture. I was afraid to do something wrong that could compromise my enrolment, as English is my second language and that made me feel more nervous.

As we say in Mexico ‘’it is better to be safe than sorry’’

Which means: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

I want you to have a great experience in your new, or future academic journey, so here’s my secret guide to transform that uncertain feeling into a safe zone sensation.

1. Check your email

Check your email frequently. QUT will send you relevant information during the process of enrolment including an email notifying you that you can enrol into your course. This is the perfect moment to start your enrolment. As soon as you do, you will have a chance to choose your timetable for each unit. If you wait, you risk the classes being full and you will be placed on a waiting list and will be allocated a time that might not be suitable.

Advice: you can redirect your QUT email ( to your personal email.

2. Get a Map

If you don’t want to feel like ‘’Alice in Wonderland’’, just get a map.  QUT provides a student pocket guide and campus maps (Garden Points and Kelvin Grove campuses). It is so useful and makes life easier. I always bring it with me, or you can have the online version. For example Kelvin Grove campus.

QUT student pocket map

3. Registration is vital

One of the best decisions, before you start your courses, is to register for, and attend O-Week (Orientation Week). I had two O-Weeks’, one was for international students and the other was for my faculty. They give you helpful information to prepare for university such as information about safety and respect at QUT, important dates, health insurance information, emergency numbers. In these weeks’ you can meet new people, buy delicious lunches for only $2 AUD, win discounts, and join students clubs and much more.

I got a lot of incredible QUT materials to commence my degree all for free!

Lunches for $ 2 AUD

4. SOS! Asking for Help

If you have questions for your enrolment process, unit courses, fees or payments there are two magic places that can solve any enquiries you have: HiQ! and Blackboard.


The team at HiQ is located in the library! They can assist you with any question and this is also where you get your ID card. Also, if you have like me a situation about fees and payments they provide you with the following email and can assist in any concerns about fees and payments. HiQ also provides support for enrolment and library assistance if you need to borrow some books.


HIQ (Library)


This is an effective tool from QUT, on this website you can find anything related to your courses, but first you should familiarise yourself with it. At the beginning, for me it was difficult to understand because in my hometown (Mexico) the education system is different as in many other countries. Once you understand how Blackboard works your experience at QUT will be easier.

5. Student Support

If you are like me and just want to ensure that everything is ok with your enrolment and units you can make an appointment at the Student Support of your Faculty and they will solve your specific concerns, or if you have a specific requirement because of a special need they can help you and give you the most appropriate solution for you.

Student Support
Creative Industries Students Support

6. The first week

Finally, I was in my first week! Feeling excited and ready, but at that moment in my first lecture and tutorial, I was feeling confused. There were students from all different disciplines. A complete and brand new experience for me! Fortunately, I was not the only one experiencing that feeling, my friends are also from different countries with different education systems. However, on my second day, I was meeting new friends and that helped me a lot.

Another awesome thing is that I have classes in the new Education Precinct E block at QUT. It is so beautiful and has an eco-environment. The thing that I like most is a big sphere hanging from the ceiling, amazing!

E block
Classrooms (E block)
The Sphere (E block)

So, that is how I overcome the uncertainty sensation. Just prepare yourself, enjoy the process and be in the safe zone!

My name is Cynthia and I'm from Mexico. I have a very creative personality and a passion for creating content that will make a difference. I previously completed a Bachelor of International Marketing in Mexico. I found as a marketer the need of creating content or telling a story is not only the core of marketing to attract audiences, but it is also drives everything you do. Following my passion for story telling and my fascination for theatre, I decided to fulfill my dream of study drama in Mexico. I strongly believe that it’s never too late to make your dreams come true. I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film, Screen and New Media) at QUT and my dream is to become a film-maker. In my blog, I want to share my creative personality, Latin perspective with a sense of humor.


  1. Hadeel Aljohani Reply

    This is new experience for us but you made it easy and exciting.
    Good article dear Cynthia ❤️

  2. I’m excited too and I had similar experience but really I enjoy it and I like what I’ve found on this page thanks Cynthia

  3. François Gagné Reply

    Thank you Cynthia, for your enrolment tips! This is pretty useful for all of us. This is a new experience (stressful), and your tips make it much more pleasant!

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