Experience the new Education building

E Block is Open

The new Education precinct has opened at QUT Kelvin Grove campus. E-block is a building full of technology, you can feel it as soon as you walk in by just looking at the architecture. Although most of the classrooms are used by education students, E-block supplies public space for students to study and discuss. It is connected with the library, so students can walk between both buildings.

The Sphere

When you enter E-block through the library,  you’ll find a spacious public space with the Sphere as the focal point.  The Sphere is used as a learning and teaching tool displaying different interactive content.

Another interesting design of the building is that there are many green plants. Green plants help students to relax when studying and provides a restful atmosphere.  High and transparent ceiling design gives the plants enough sunlight and space to grow. The ceiling design reduces the use of electricity, and give students natural light when studying.

Technology Everywhere

As this is a new building which is purpose-designed for digital and technological teaching use, the equipment uses the latest technology. Besides spacious classrooms and meeting rooms, there is charging stations everywhere. This is great since, after a whole morning of studying, laptops and smartphones could run out of battery.

This has become my favourite study place recently. You must visit and discover more about this great space and advanced equipment. Click here for more information.

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