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A QUT study tour to India

Hello everyone, it’s Ha again and today I’d love to share last month’s three week adventure in India through a QUT learning program *, which kick-started my new year!

Part 1: An Immersive Cultural Experience
When arriving in India, the first thing that surprised me was the traffic. You may just find traffic jam from 8 am to 11 pm – a distinct contrast not only to the laid back nature of Brisbane but also to Vietnam – one of the very populated cities in the world. Mumbai was absolutely an all-time crowded city, with thousands of cars on the same road space, horns blaring, heaps of street-side vendors on the sidewalk, and a massive number of people hustling to different directions.

Mumbai street
Mumbai street at night
A rare peaceful moment on the street

Our main transportation throughout the trip were Uber and rickshaw. Thus, after experiencing traffic congestion in Mumbai, we all learnt how to wait patiently for an Uber or sit for lengths in a rickshaw.

On a rickshaw

Despite the bustling pace of people living in this city, I have never met an Indian that did not have a smile on their face or was not up for a chat. That’s why if you go to India, you may just get some dinner or party invitations from complete strangers on the street like we did 🙂

Received flowers at Uplift Mutuals
Got greetings at a Women Centric Health Coaching session
Did survey in a slum in Mumbai
Got an invitation to a local party

India is also a distinctive country in terms of cuisine. Here, I found an abundance of spices and flavours in the food that has all sharpened our sense of taste and led to controversial food reviews among the members of our group.

Dahi Batata Puri
Undhiyu with Jowar roti
Malai Malpuda
Masala Pav

All in all, travelling in India has taught me that everything can be delayed (even all our flights – which will be revealed in details on my next post), expect the unexpected (unique food flavours!), and Indian traffic is home to the best free horn symphony in the world.

On my next blog post, I will share my journey to the amazing destinations in India and the meaning of poverty that we have witnessed and learned throughout the program.

“Development Economics: An Immersive Experience in India” is a short-term learning program organised by QUT and Beyond Borders, which aims to equip students with cultural competencies and provide insights in development economics under a developing country context. For more information, go to QUT Global Portal:


Hi guys, I'm Ha from Hanoi, Vietnam. I'm currently in my last year of my Bachelor of Business (Marketing). I decided to come to Australia as I was passionate about collaborating and working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds as well as exploring new places. During my learning journey at QUT, I have been fortunate to travel to many countries such as India, Austria and Germany through exchange programs. If you ever want to go on exchange or a short-term program and have questions, feel free to connect with me! Through this channel, I hope to share my university experiences and encourage you to take on new opportunities and make the most of your student life!

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