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My Experience at QUT International College

Are you interested in studying in Australia? Studying at QUT International College (QUTIC) is wonderful. It’s full of new challenges and pleasant experiences.

With a surrounding of professional lecturers and advanced technology, it cultivates a favorable atmosphere for me to learn more effectively. I especially love the application of blending learning combining online resources and in-person lecturing as the teaching approach. It develops my independent study by doing preparation in advance. Besides, I can also listen to the lecture recording again at my own pace to enhance my understanding of the topics

Students can access the lecture materials online in advance for preparing lessons.

As much as I want to focus on university studies, both studying and integration in social circles are valuable experiences to me. I have taken part in various curricular activities organised by QUTIC. For instance, I participated in the music club where I could play different musical instruments. I also played a badminton doubles match with foreign companions. Thanks to these fantastic opportunities, I have found many international friends and developed deep friendships.

Feel free to play the piano and participate in the Music Club.

The lecturers, tutors and Language and Learning Advisor are very helpful, kind and provide wonderful support. I am so grateful that I have got the opportunity to study at QUT International College.


Larissa comes from Hong Kong and she is currently studying Diploma in Creative Industries. Her dream is to become a Music Producer. She is eager to travel all around Australia. She enjoys getting to know different cultures, their cherished customs and traditions. She is grateful for the opportunity of being able to study in a foreign country, and is excited to be able to share her experiences through her blogs posts. She is wishing all of you the best in your university studies!

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