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A Trip to The World of Avocados

Hi guys, it’s Ha and today I will share with you guys one of my favourite volunteering experiences in Brisbane – a trip to Blackbutt Avocado Festival with QUT Big Lift a few months ago.

On a beautiful Friday afternoon in September, we hopped on a bus to go to Blackbutt, leaving our busy university lives behind. This was the first time I’ve ever been on a trip with a group of brand new friends since I came to Australia, so it was very special and exciting for me. Here are some highlights of the trip:

Awesome crew

QUT Big Lift is one of my favourite clubs at QUT. The people here are so nice and easy-going, I couldn’t have asked for more from these guys. When I registered for the mini-trip to Blackbutt, I was pretty nervous due to my lack of social experiences in Australia and the fact that I was the only first-time participant of Big Lift activities. However, the whole crew was so friendly and welcoming to me throughout the entire trip, which gave me heaps of support and encouraged me to engage with all these ice-breaking games and volunteering works.

Fun activities on Market Day

Blackbutt Avocado Festival is an annual event taking place on the second Saturday of September that I highly recommend to anyone who wishes to learn more about Australian rural areas.

On the Market Day, everything was well-prepared even before 7:00 am. However, after getting no rain whatsoever this winter, all of a sudden, the first rain poured down and made everyone so worried that people in the surrounding areas would not be able to get to the market. Fortunately, a miracle happened as if it was God’s will, the rain stopped after only half an hour and the rest of the day was a beautiful sunny day.

A  candy stall
A succulent stall
Food stalls




There were heaps of avocado related festivities to join in: 50 cent organic avocados, avocado souvenirs, avocado games, avocado cooking competition etc. A variety of exciting activities (with and without avocados) were available for all the visitors and local people to participate. One of my very proud achievements by the end of the day was that I learnt how to juggle(ish) with avocados for the first time of my life. Hoorayyy!!!

Avocado paperweights
Avocado games
50 cent organic avocados
Avocado cooking competition

Most beautiful night sky ever

This is actually what I miss the most from Blackbutt. Sorry for not taking any photos of the sky but I guess moments become more memorable through when they are stored in your mind camera. Until now, this is still the most magnificent night sky that I have ever seen, with the stars stretching endlessly beyond the horizon and spreading infinitely around us. A scene that I will never forget!

QUT Big Lift on Blackbutt Minilift

This trip makes me realise for the first time that no matter how different we can be regarding our diverse culture or characteristics, we can still find a common ground (passion for volunteering, love of beautiful sceneries, etc), and those are the things that bring people closer to each other.

Hi guys, I'm Ha from Hanoi, Vietnam. I'm currently in my last year of my Bachelor of Business (Marketing). I decided to come to Australia as I was passionate about collaborating and working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds as well as exploring new places. During my learning journey at QUT, I have been fortunate to travel to many countries such as India, Austria and Germany through exchange programs. If you ever want to go on exchange or a short-term program and have questions, feel free to connect with me! Through this channel, I hope to share my university experiences and encourage you to take on new opportunities and make the most of your student life!

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