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Are you ready for O Week at QUT?

After a 36 hour flight from Europe to Australia, would you rather go to uni or stay at your home sleeping all day? I went to uni because it was the O-Week (Orientation week). Yes, QUT’s O – Week, the week where you meet your friends again and make new friends.

It was a relieving moment to be back home from freezing Europe and embrace the sun in Brissy. I was excited to meet my old friends with warm hugs. During the O-week I was in a couple of stalls (i.e. Study Brisbane, QUT Golden Key, etc) along with my colleagues.

As Brisbane International Student Ambassadors, we welcomed and greeted international students from many nations who came to QUT for the first time and we invited them to the City Welcome Festival where you can meet the Lord Mayor of Brisbane. Almost every one of them was impressed by the captivating green buildings and enticing landscaping at QUT. It was very pleasing to see the animation of the international students all over the campuses.

At the Golden Key booth, we introduced the QUT Golden Key Chapter to both commencing and current students who were interested in expanding their academic and leadership career pathways.

Food! Yes, you would never forget to buy different snacks and munchies during the O-week. So did I, because it was very cheap and delicious. There was a variety of food stalls on campus, so I and friends ended up trying all tastes; Brazilian, Asian, etc.

As usual, both Gardens Point Campus and Kelvin Grove Campus were crowded by so much energy and enthusiasm during the O-week. Students were keen to commence a new semester. With full of hopes, a cheerful week ended with an incredible kick-start to the semester.

I am an aircraft lover who studies Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at Queensland University of Technology. I am majoring in Aerospace Engineering and minoring in Robotics, Mechanical, Software and Electrical Engineering. I am a motivational speaker and am passionate about public speaking and announcing. I believe altruism is always the first while egoism comes the second. I work at various positions in different local, national and international organisations. One of my two favourite places in the world is the cockpit while other being the podium. I like flying 24/7 for 365 days and travelling all around the world. I am a sky-dreamer and my dream started here in greater Brisbane. According to my perspective, Brisbane is one of the most affluent cities in Australia for living, studying and working. Brisbane city puts a premium on multiculturalism and offers equal opportunities to fabricate everyone’s life-profile. Brissy is a perfect destination for international students to drive their destiny. I am looking forward to welcoming you to wherever I go.

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