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International Student Success Forum (ISSF): Road to success

International Student Success Forum (ISSF) is a nationwide project of eight chapters conducted by the Council of International Students Australia (CISA).

The ISSF consists of two sessions:

Session 1:

Title: Institutional Engagement Widening Workshop Series

Theme: Importance of Student Engagement in Institutional Governance


  • To emphasise the importance of the involvement of international students in governance at institutional, regional, local, state and national levels.
  • To educate and offer international student community a platform to practice leadership at local stages.
  • To encourage and support international students to actively engage in decision making at organisational level.

Session 2:

Title: Workplace Exploitation Seminar Series

Theme: Workplace Issues and Resolutions


  • To address the outlook of workplaces for international students in Australia through the representation of responsible authorities and compile strategic policies in terms of work exploitation, which will be disclosed to the international community and all stakeholders for future reference.

Each session consists of a panel discussion followed by a Q&A session and a networking discussion platform. The panel will be chaired by the representatives from government, private organisations, student organisations, international communities and CISA executives. This is a worthwhile opportunity to raise your voice and bring yourself forth for the betterment of all students in Australia.

On Wednesday 21st November 2018, the National Welfare Office of CISA delivered another successful International Students Success Forum (ISSF): Brisbane Chapter. The event consisted of insightful rounds of discussion guaranteed by the high level of proactive engagement of the panellists, peer facilitators and the participants. The first session was based on the Importance of the Student Engagement in Institutional Governance with the participation of experienced panellists:

  • Heidi Peper, Director, Griffith International, Griffith University
  • Andrew Lee, Director of Student Affairs Division, The University of Queensland
  • Samuel Zimmer, Coordinator Counselling and Mentoring, International Student Services at QUT
  • Chris Hassen, Student Programs Manager, Study Brisbane

and peer facilitators:

  • Florian Spalthoff, International Officer at Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations
  • Mona Izzeldin, Panel Member at Queensland International Student Advisory Panel
  • Daniel Cabrera, International Officer at QUT Guild, Queensland University of Technology

providing guidance and clarifications regarding the importance and benefits of institutional engagement for international students while studying in Australia.

In the second session, experienced panellists from the industry:

  • Lee Matahaere, Senior Industrial Officer at Working Women QLD
  • Joseph Auclair, Solicitor at Legal-Guru
  • Mohit Trivedi, Student Engagement Manager at Study Gold Coast
  • Reena Augustine, Migration Solicitor, Multicultural Ambassador and Past International Student

and peer facilitators:

  • Jasmin Gross, International Officer at Griffith University Postgraduate Student Association
  • Kritesh Patel, Panel Member at Queensland International Student Advisory Panel
  • Sarah Zhao, International Student Officer-elect at University of Queensland

offered their knowledge and experience to highlight some of the main workplace exploitation issues and how to act and resolve those. Dealing with workplace harassment, reporting workplace exploitation and searching for the right assistance were some of the valuable take-home messages for those who have engaged in this discussion.

The event participants had the great pleasure to hear the successful international student pathway from Aurora Rivera, an outstanding QUT Student Ambassador and be enlightened by a powerful message: ‘do not mind only your own business!’ Aurora highlighted the importance of being engaged to achieve your goals and open opportunities for your career as an international student in Australia.



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