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Study, Assignments and Chill out – all at the same time?

Hi guys, I am Frame. How’s your life going? I hope you have a wonderful time 🙂

It is been a long time since I wrote a story because I have been stuck with my assignments. This semester is really hard to manage the time for studying, working, relaxing and finishing loads of assignments!

This is how’s my student life going  (at 5 floor, individual study room cube in the library)

Today, I would like to talk about where my favorite place to work on assignments are and how I get some rest when I am bored from assignmentd lol. If you are reading my post right now, I am sure that you guys are survivors who went through the hard time of mid term! But wait!  Final exams are here next month, however, keep going! This semester will be over soon. After that you can take a break from studying and enjoy Christmas in December.:)

Well, if you think about where to study in the university, the first place you would go is the library, right? Of course, I always choose the library to do assignments too because QUT has a large library (V block) at Gardens Point campus. There are seven floors, including a computer lap, printing (self service), group study room, individual study room cubes, and a research center. After the library closes, you can use the 24 hours zone at second floor!

Level 2, there are many computers for students
Level 5, Silent zone
My favorite place is level 7 (Researcher’s center)

What do I really like about studying in the library?     

The library has drinking water dispensers on every floor, it is very convenient for students because in Australia, water drink is expensive.  Also, outside the library, there are microwaves for heating food. Since I started at QUT, I’ve seen many students bringing their own food from home, taking a break and catching up with friends.

The drinking water dispensers at 5 floor in the library
The microwaves are near the library.

QUT Gardens Point Campus has a lot of places where students can relax or take a break.

Do you like to go for a walk? You can take a relaxing walk and take some photos. Now it’s already spring weather. It’s time to say GOODBYE cold feeling!

Have you ever seen Brisbane erupt in a sea of purple jacaranda trees? 

The Jacarandas at the front entrance of the university.

Jacarandas is the symbol of changing weather in Brisbane. Brisbane is currently covered by purple flowers of Jacarandas trees right now. At QUT Gardens Point Campus we have Jacarandas trees as well, at the front entrance of QUT, outside Parliament house and in the Botanic gardens.

The Jacarandas flowers at Gardens Point Campus.
Lie down and enjoy some relaxing time under the Jacarandas trees.

I am not going to say that study is easy but it makes a difference if we know how to keep a good balance. Take a break and then come back to study again. Do your best!

“The university provides knowledge to students to make them grow up and promote their abilities, however, students are the ones who choose and create the way where they will go” 🙂

Best Wishes

Hope you guys enjoy my story. see you next time 🙂


You can call me Frame. I am 24 years old and I graduated from the University of Khonkaen, Thailand, with a bachelor degree in Science of Chemistry in 2016. Before my bachelor degree, I received a scholarship for an internship in Vietnam for 4 months. I am currently doing a Master’s degree program in International Business. I can speak three languages which are Thai, English, and Vietnamese. I love travelling and learning about different cultures, such as language and food. I came to Australia to follow the dream that I have had since I was a kid: getting a Master’s degree. There are so many exciting things in Australia and I have enjoyed my life since I came here. I am excited to share my stories with you.

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