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Global Volunteer to Thailand.

I have undertaken different volunteering programs over the past few years, mostly something local in my home country, Indonesia. I’ve been teaching voluntarily in the capital city down in the rural areas, building a better community at villages, guiding less fortunate children through motivating activities and programs, and so forth. It has always been a thrill to do so, to be a part of a change even so little. After all those years, at the beginning of 2018 I thought to myself “this is my last year of campus. I’m not going to have a long  holiday anymore for at least several years- I gotta work.

My time won’t be enough for something crazy, something that I really want to spend a whole month.” At that point, I decided to plan for my winter June-July holiday. I decided to join a global volunteer program where I was  to teach English in a rural area in Thailand [I strongly believe education is the main key to global economy]. Families from home would ask why not something local again, something for my country? It was because of the idea of ASEAN is really good to me, also the amount of exploration I could do. I want to widen my horizon by engaging with a new community. I decided to use my own money for plane tickets, for my time there. I decided to go and explore. It had to be at that moment.

The program included a two-day training on how to communicate with the locals, their culture, how to create teaching content, all the basic stuff. After, it was a six-week teaching program where I work along the teachers independently. The program was properly managed, where the volunteers were facilitated with enough needs. I was placed in Banhindad School, Mae Wong District in Thailand. It was five hours by van from Bangkok, going northwest near the Myanmar border.

If you ask me “How it was?” It was like home. Where I think I may have learnt more than they learned from me. Teaching wasn’t easy for sure. Imagine when you were young at school; children tend to be reckless, which is quite normal. However dealing with it, and actually turning things around, is the real challenge. I was placed to teach primary four and six, along with secondary junior to senior.  I was lucky to have angelic students for primary four, but imagine teaching those other teenagers- They could be demon at some points, LOL. However I have always tried to teach the class in more interesting ways like doing camp energizers in English language or anything else to make them more familiar with the language. I ended up feeling like one of them, and we got very close to each other. It was the best thing when I felt like one of their family. They’re like my brothers and sisters. Creating the teaching content was the best challenge for me, especially with the handbook they had given me and the actual English skill the children had, I had to ensure the contents were learnt well by the children. Also, the difficult part is to understand their psychological behavior; how to appropriately apply educational content at their particular age. It was really interesting and of course a growth experiment for myself too. I ended up befriending  hundred of students on my Facebook and it has been a month, we are still talking like it was yesterday.

Children meditating after lunch
When they treated me like a princess….
Oomlai, Oomlek, Paad. My loves.
Volleyball hang everyday
My bois
Hallway hangs
Fia and her bodyguards, Ti and Paad
Thai kids clean up after a long day.
Ice and Yung photoshoot.
Tan with his bubbles.
Tan with his bubbles.
Tan. Primary one and real hard to handle up until he eventually became the sweetest person at the end of the day.
Bia, captain of football team.
Sports Day Spirit
Sports Day Spirit
Sport bois with their Thailand Flag
No smoking, no drugs, no alcohol theme parade. Tae in the picture.
No smoking, no drugs, no alcohol theme parade. Tae in the picture.
Sports day parade, in which they won- recycle theme.
Sports day parade, in which they won- recycle theme.
Sports day parade, in which they won- recycle theme.
Sports day parade, in which they won- recycle theme.
The cheerleaders for sport day.
The cheerleaders for sport day.
After school situation everyday; seniors are supposed to take care of their juniors, to line them up and prepare them to go home.
His name is Gut and he likes to play game with me when it comes to taking pictures of him.
View from the school.
Nicholas and his mom.
Free timers.
Class situation.
Jame and Face, the posers for camera.
Live free on the hallway. From left: Khan, Ice, Cha, Tae
The reckless but gentlemen- Ice, Yung, Face
My angels; Katunjai, Stang
One of the teachers who live in Lat Yao; Teacher Payon
Asians do it well; HOTPOT. A celebration for their win on Sports Day.
The secondary seniors. My lovely pain in the ass. They were my day ones.
From left: Fern, Ying, Ice, Jame, Eit, Face

The six graders, from the left: Nut, Kao, Bat, Fim, Ti, Liu [cute nicknames, huh?]
Of course I took a lot more of pictures, and the chosen ones are on flickr.

While a Facebook link to the full pictures of those kiddos I met.

Video, coming up soon :]





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