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A secret seaside paradise

Hi, I’m Max, a Diploma in Health Science student at QUT International College.

I’d like to introduce you to my favourite place where I go to relax and release stress. Gold Coast can be hard to go without a car, so I have found another close seaside town to enjoy, Redcliffe.

Redcliffe takes about 1 hour from Brisbane by train or bus. You can enjoy swimming in the sea or you can choose to swim in the pool, which has a lovely seaside landscape. As you can see, pool has a variety of depth from 50cm to 2m. So, everyone can enjoy swimming here. Also, it is equipped with toilets and showers.

There are also BBQ areas. So, you can just bring some food and cook on the electric grill. The BBQs are well managed and are clean and easy to use.


This swimming pool also provides some pavilions. It is best to come early and reserve a pavilion first. The major advantage is everything is free, even the car park. So, you do not need to pay anything except food and transportation fee. It is good to spend time on the weekend during the semester. It’s a great place to rest and recharge. I strongly recommend this place to other QUT students.





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