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A reflection of my past 8 months at QUTIC

Hi there! Vincent here, I am from Indonesia and I’m currently studying Diploma of Engineering in QUTIC (QUT International College). Today I am going to talk about what I’ve experienced at QUTIC for the last 8 months.

When I first arrived here in Brisbane, everything seemed really exciting and I felt really nervous about finding some friends. Then I attended the orientation day, the first time I visited the place I will be studying at, it was quite nerve-wrecking. I expect that all of the students besides me would be overconfident because they study in Australia and QUT. But that was not the case at all. I was surprised to find that all of the students that I met were very friendly and open, and I easily made some friends on the orientation day.

Some of my new friends in Brisbane

It is still pretty hard for me to understand what other students say as they come from different countries and have their own unique accent. But do not worry, you will be fine after taking some lectures and tutorials, it will improve your English very quickly.

At the orientation day you will meet the mentors. You could call the mentors your friend, basically they are the ones that will help you with any questions you have, they will give you tips, and they are very friendly and open minded. The mentors will be there for you, to help you as best as they can.

After the orientation week, you will start your programme. As for me I came from Indonesia and studying diploma of engineering, I studied Physics, Maths and English. These three subjects were the main subjects of the four units that I studied. Luckily if you come from Indonesia, you should be able to understand most of the materials in the lectures and tutorials of the first semester as you already studied all of them in high school. After the first semester ended you will start second semester, for engineering diploma students, most of the materials on the second semester will be new and pretty challenging considering you have to learn in a different language. From my experience, you will already be adapted to the QUTIC teaching style in the first semester as it is just studying what you already studied, but just in English 😊.

Lunch with friends from QUTIC

So, I myself really enjoyed the experience I had at QUTIC for the past 8 months. Everyone is friendly and help each other. It feels like another home for me, the teacher is very friendly as they already experienced studying outside their home country, and last but not least we are having fun and studying at the same time.

For Indonesian students that plan on coming here and study, don’t be afraid, be open, be yourself, enjoy the experience, excitement, and nervousness, and also have fun on your study.

Thank you for reading.



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