Five know-how survival tips for final weeks

‘Get-Set‘ oh wait! It’s week 13 already 😮 & we are soon ‘Going’ to have final exams & assessments due. Well, chances are that you are stressing just like me. So, let’s explore some tips to get you through this hard time with flying colors.

Tip 1 – Organise, Prioritise & Plan

I cannot stress enough on how important this point is for you to follow. I literally abide by ‘Planning is a key to success’ rule. To implement it all what you have to do is, mark your assignment submission dates on a calendar. Then prioritise it, based on weight and due dates. This will help you identify assignments which require more effort. Having this planned has not only saved me from the last-minute rush but has also helped me utilise my time efficiently.

Tip 2 – Work out your study space

Studying in your room can become monotonous at one point which can lead to distractions. I realised this when I kept getting distracted by Chris Evans poster on my wall, haha. Just kidding! I actually get distracted by everything from familiar objects in my room to doing laundry, eating a snack etc. I then switched to the library but somehow, I always ended up having conversations with my friends with zero work done. But then I found this quiet, secluded study space with a beautiful view of trees near O block at GP campus where I felt bliss. Studies say that altering study spaces helps improve retention and boosts concentration, so shake up your space game a little bit and study smart.

Tip 3 – Take a breather

This is my personal favorite. We should all agree to the fact – ‘Study smart, not hard’ and why not because taking breaks from long study sessions actually improves productivity. I personally process really slow if I study non-stop for 1 hour, I just can’t do it. If Y-O-U can do it then you are G-E-N-I-U-S but trust me you need 10 minutes break after every 40 minutes study session to refresh yourself. What can you do during a break? Well depends on you – take a walk, stretch, do push-ups, check out QUT StalkerSpace 2.0 on Facebook, Spotify some instrumental music, YouTube cool vines for a good laugh, watch Ted talks etc but be careful of ‘Just a minute’ syndrome. This dangerous syndrome is like those 5-minute surveys which actually ends up taking 50 minutes. Our time is precious here, we are trying to be produc-tive, not procrastina-tive so be mindful while taking a breather.

Tip 4 – Sleep or caffeine

We know that you are exhausted, but you need to push a little bit more so what are you going to reach out for – your cozy comfortable bed or a cup of coffee? In our case, we always opt for the coffee – don’t we? But science says otherwise. Napping has been proved to increase alertness in a human’s brain. When I first read that I was like ‘WHATEVER’. But then eventually my dark circles grew more than my friends circle, so I decided to switch my caffeine-rich dreadful all-nighters to waking up early mornings. The change is wonderful as I feel more focused and fresh than distracted and tired. Just give it a try, you’ll see the difference.Tip 5 – The fuel

I call this the fuel because the brain literally uses fat as fuel to study, hence we feel the urge of snacking while studying. So let’s make those nom-noms work in our favor. Replace your gummy bears with almonds, chips with pretzels and all the junk with granola bars, yogurt & fruits. Also, keep yourself hydrated by consuming water in every 30 minutes. You will probably only realize the difference in your energy when you will replace greasy food with healthy options.

If you happen to try any of these tips and see an improvement then let me know, by leaving a comment below.


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