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Perks of being a gig-seeker in Australia

What almost shocked me the most about living in Australia are the artists that keep on coming back to see their fans down here. Even if they have to travel from the other parts of the world! Specific artists that I adore don’t come much to my home country, Indonesia (maybe the fan power isn’t enough or my country wasn’t ready to have them around lol), which makes me beyond amused coming down here- Brisbane- and I find it so easy to go to gigs.

The Killers, Wonderful Wonderful Tour

(Sara and Me)

Green Day Revolution Radio Tour

The fandom power here is superb though. Superb, I mean, not too much and not too plain; just right. People are well organised and fully respect other fans too. I got to know more people from concerts,  as the fans are really supportive with each other. The organised manner and amazing ambience of the crowd; maybe these are the reasons why artists keep on coming back to Australia. They just love OZ fans!

Acceptance Band

Turnover Good Nature Tour

Neck Deep Tour

I can say that the fandom here is awesome and very supportive; especially for a short girl like me!! One point: I’m too short for concerts- I’ve always had times where I was out of breath (worth it). But as a short girl, I struggle a lot at concerts. I tend to only see people’s heads- sucks big time. However, it has become a perk for me in Brisbane. Every time I go to concerts here, some tall person would always offer to carry me up and it felt awesome; like being at the top of my own world at the time. Everything is so clear at least for one minute or so. To sing along and feel the air. Those offers happened a lot of time to me, and I love how people are so understanding and push me up front!

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Don’t You Fake It Anniversary Tour

This Wild Life

Ticketing process is damn easy (you can always book online and don’t need to print a thing), the venues are always easy to access. The government is thoughtful enough to make sure that we arrive and go back home safely from the concert by providing free transport for people who go to concerts (well, for pop idol concerts with huge masses.. but the underground scenes are not difficult to find too!).

Adele World Tour

RnB Friday Live: Craig David, Kelly Rowland, Ne-Yo, and others.

Good Charlotte

The Maine

All Time Low

Mayday Parade

Music. Aren’t they fun?

The Story So Far

Slowly Slowly (Locaaal band this is)


Taking Back Sunday Tidal Wave Tour


At some concerts I didn’t take too many pictures and videos. Believe me, it’s dilemmatic; on one side you want to enjoy the moment, and the other you just want to relive the moment through your phone days, even years after. I never know where I stand in deciding that.. So I went with whatever suited me at the time. Worked out pretty well. Just make sure you have fun.

Click on each pictures to find out where the venues are.

More pictures of the concerts/ gigs I went to since mid 2017 up ’til now:





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