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Sunset Adventure to the Glass House Mountains

The semester break. Best time of the school year. Just kidding. Or not?

Most of my friends already made plans to travel or go back to their home countries while I still had no clue what to do in this two week break. Day four of staying home and doing nothing, I decided to gather some friends and go on a day hike to the Glass House Mountains, Mount Ngungun specifically, which I found after a short search on Google.

Sunset Adventure

Glass House Mountains are a group of mountains located at the Sunshine Coast and Mount Ngungun is a relatively easy peak to climb out of the thirteen in the range. However, it wasn’t easy to get there. Our intention was to be there in time for the sunset. We left at around 2 PM, had to take a 1h30m train to Glass House Mountains, then a 40 minute walk to the foot of Mount Ngungun and another 45 minute walk to the top. The hike was quite challenging for beginners as it was steep and full of small rocks that could cause ankle sprains. Fortunately, despite of all the walking and resting along the way, we made it in time for the sunset and boy, it was all worth it. The breathtaking view on top of Mount Ngungun was worth all the travel effort and we felt so lucky to be able to see it for once in our lives. We took all kind of Instagram-worthy photos and watched the sky turned all shades of beautiful pastel colours. The hike down the mountain was dark and scary but with flashlights from our phones, we were safe and ready for the train ride home after a wonderful day.

Glass House Mountains

If you have time any time on the weekends, get some friends, plan a day hike to Mount Ngungun to get away from the busy city, immerse yourself in nature, release some stress and appreciate the beauty in your surroundings. Although it takes some effort getting there, but trust me, it will be all worth it.

By Tram Nguyen, QUTIC Diploma in Creative Industries


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