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Places to go in Sydney!

Before I started my first semester at QUT, I decided to spend my ‘last hurrah’ with a trip to Sydney which is located east of Australia. This is my second time in Sydney and all I can say it’s a blessing and at the same time a curse. Why? Because the list of things to do is endless!

One thing that I always admired about Sydney is the Royal Botanic Gardens. I consider this the best getaway, which is right in the heart of Sydney’s CBD!

Not only is Sydney the perfect place for nature, but also for the arts! The Museum of Contemporary Art is located at Circular Quay, which is very accessible via buses, and even trains! Make sure to download the “Opal Travel” app on your phone to see the timetables of the public transport – this will come in handy!

Another place that is a must see while you’re in Sydney is the beautiful and iconic – Bondi Beach. From white sand, to the crystal clear waters, this destination is not one to miss! One thing that amuses me is that it’s very accessible! Travelling 30 minutes from the CBD to see clear waters and surfers catching waves definitely worth the trip!

To end this trip I had to stop and admire the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the well-known Sydney Opera House. These iconic landmarks are both located around Circular Quay which makes it accessible and good thing is – you’ll be seeing two sights that will highlight the whole trip!

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