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How I landed an internship in Singapore

It has been two weeks since I started my internship at EY Singapore. This was not an easy start because I arrived to a new country by myself and I didn’t really know what to expect. The feeling I got when I first arrived Singapore was somewhat similar compared to when I first landed in Australia.

For many accounting students, getting an internship in the so-called “big four” is a very desirable goal. As an international student in Australia, it is really hard to get into the big accounting firms in Australia. So I decided to apply for an internship with the big four accounting firms overseas. Singapore, the financial hub of south-east Asia, became an ideal option for me.

All the EY 2017 winter interns

The application process was very straightforward. I submitted my internship application online. Then after 3 weeks, got a phone call from HR scheduling a Skype interview. After the interview, I waited for about one week and was told by phone that they decided to offer me a place.  During the 30-minute long Skype interview, I was asked to introduce myself and share the reason why I wanted an internship with EY.

This recruitment process was much simpler compared with the Australian big four recruitment process, where you also need to go through an online testing and assessment centre.

EY Orientation day with my team

It turns out that during every winter season (summer in Australia), the local accounting firms in Singapore hire lots of students studying in Australia because it is their peak season for auditing in Singapore. The local university students cannot commit to the 3-month long internship due to the short winter break. On the other hand, it is summer break for Australian universities so students are usually free from December to February.

One of the most popular public transportation in Singapore – MRT

In summary, that’s how I landed my internship in Singapore: partly because I’m constantly exploring opportunities to work overseas and partly because of good timing. If you, my fellow accounting peers, are also interested in working in Singapore, why not give it a shot next year!




In 2015 I came to Australia and became an international student here. Ever since then I started my journey of getting more engaged in university, seeking internship and making more friends. I always strive to live in the moment because time is really short for us international students!

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