Choosing a university

Brisbane, a safe place to be

As long as I have been studying in Brisbane (over 7 years), I have never ever felt threatened and most of my international acquaintances would agree.

While studying, I have been working in hospitality for multiple different reasons:

  • my first job experience, no specific qualification required at first
  • really flexible
  • depending on the workplace you can get really good tips, which is really good extra money.

There are always a position available somewhere.


Source: Adeline Martin. Bartender at Mr & Ms G, River Side.

I have been making coffee really early in the morning forcing me to walk the streets at 5am; to making cocktails at night in some of the busiest nightclub areas in Brisbane, finishing work at 4am.

Locals would consider those times dangerous. And most of the time my international co-worker and I would explain to them what dangerous is.

Not once in all this time spent in Brisbane I had any issues: no stalker, no insult, some drunk people through the weekends but if you are careful and no provocation, I do not see a reason for bad things to happen.

IMG_5326 IMG_5364

Source: Adeline Martin. Walking home from Fortutide Valley to the City and New Farm

And depending where you work and where you go, some of the night sites are just amazing!


Source: Adeline Martin. Casino lights from South Bank.


Source: Adeline Martin. Working in South Bank.

I lived everywhere in Brisbane, my favorite walk home is along riverside with really nice scenery! How could you miss that?!


Source: Adeline Martin. River Side walk with the Story Bridge view.

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