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Rezma Mirakle, International Masters Student

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-12-37-30-pmHi, my name is Rezma.

Where are you from?

I am from India

How long have you been in Brisbane for?

I arrived into Brisbane two years ago (2014).

How did you find out about QUT?

My reason for being in Brisbane is QUT. My friend best studied at QUT, and he recommended me to this amazing university.

What course are you studying?

Today I am completing my Master’s degree and must admit I am overwhelmed as I walk around the campus.

Now that you are part of the QUT campus, what do you like most about the university?

I love the fact that the campus is right in the middle of the city so everything is nearby. And even better it is within the Botanical Garden. So a green space in the middle of high rise buildings is just beautiful.

What are your expectations once you graduate?

I am going to miss QUT – the campus, coffee, the garden, library and my friends ofcourse!

What do you like most in to do in Brisbane?

I love all the opportunities the city as to offers and all the diversity around regarding activities, food, entertainment, parks and so on.

So whats next? hmm I am a brand new person now, made in QUT. I am confident with real industry knowledge and ready to fight the world:) . Ahh I meant I am prepared to take a marketing position help the myself and my employer.

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