Adjusting to university

The Loneliness of the International.

As an international student, you have to be prepare to be away from your family, friends, home and so on! Everything that makes you won’t be here with you!


If you are planning to do your full degree, I won’t lie, it will be harder! You will meet people that study with you. You might get attached and when you do so they leave!!! It is difficult to mix up with the locals and international student are most of the time in exchange! It is hard but worst it, you are going to meet so many people from so many different backgrounds.

As a post graduate student, the load of work will get intense, especially if you are trying to build a strong resume as well. You will spend extended hours in front of screen while your friends are having a drink!


I thought I would share this feeling, as I experienced that loneliness feeling last week and then two others students came to me. They had this urge to converse with someone and expose to me this feeling they had: Loneliness.

Being aware that you are not the only one experiencing it did make me feel better; I realized that it was a normal reaction! Nothing to be worry about, it happens.

So I hope when you’ll experience it, you will remember this little article!

You are not the only one, it will all be good and soon it will all be over!!!!


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