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Studying Science at QUT

I’m a first year science student at QUT Gardens Point and am planning on majoring in Biology at the moment.

All my friends know me as a sassy, loud mouthed, confident person, but in truth I suffer from anxiety. I’ve been battling anxiety for a couple of years now and sometimes it gets crippling. This usually makes it hard for me to bring myself to attend social events where I know no one or to go to my lecturers or tutors with questions. Naturally I rehearse what I need to say multiple times in my head before I voice it out.

I must happily admit that I have some really amazing lecturers and tutors who try their best to make it easy for s students to talk to them. At every lecture I’ve been to the lecturer does not fail to ask us to please raise our hands if we have questions or to stay after class and ask them questions individually.

For those of us who cannot muster enough courage to do either of those, they also give out their email addresses at our very first lecture and ask us to not hesitate to hit them up with questions. I plead guilty to having used this option more than once to conveniently hide behind my email for the fear of looking silly with my questions. All my lecturers have been very punctual and I get detailed and understanding replies from my lecturers within 24 hours, and I cannot express enough how helpful they are.

Same goes for my tutors. Most of my tutors have been super helpful, funny and patient. They try to help us find our groove in the subject and try to get us to be enthusiastic about it by making little jokes and giving out as much help as they can. Most of my tutors also put their emails up and plead with us to contact them with any questions or suggestions.

Albeit, I can only vouch for only so much of the staff at the uni as a mere first year student but so far my lecturers and tutors have been nothing short of helpful, kind and inspiring.

They are very passionate about what they teach and often go on to teachΒ us something outside the scope of things that need to be covered when they see we have extra time on our hands during lectures or tutes.

If you’re really lucky you’ll get a lecturer with a great sense of humour which will make going to lectures even more fun. πŸ˜‰ I can personally vouch for this, as I enjoy a good science joke.

One of our biggest lecture halls
Main Drive
My lecturer has a great sense of humour! <3

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