Life in Australia

The beginning of great adventures

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Source: Darwin

Australia is an enormous country; the entire Europe could fit in it!

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Source: Great Ocean Road

Being an international student assumes that you are already eager for travelling and discovering.

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Source: The Great Barrier Reef

Many places are “must see” location on this Island. Such as Uluru, the great ocean road, the Great Barrier Reef and many more especially if you decide to go road trip with a camper van. A lot of youth uses this mode of travelling, as it is really cheap and super fun!!!

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I am of on those people you could call a Globetrotter, I just love travelling!

Australia is a great middle point for places you would not even think of going to or would not have the possibility when you live in Europe.

Everything is nearby and the flights are really cheap.

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Source: Indonesia, Gili Trawanga

I went everywhere in South East Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam).

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Source: Vietnam

You cannot miss that opportunity; there are some many things to see, learn and so many new cultures to discover! Australia is just a great location and as a westerner it is such a culture shock to visit these Asian countries, I have my best memories during my adventures around Australian and Australian neighborhood.

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Source: Laos

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Source: Vietnam

I also took some time of in New Zealand, I did travel around Australia a little bit. Australia offers amazing beaches and incredible empty landscapes, great when you need to escape from the uni stress and from the city.

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Source: New Zealand, Lake Tekapo

So come and take every time off to visit and see new horizons!

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Source: Vietnam

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