Life in Australia

Come into the wild!!!!

Yes, if you are wondering about the Australian dangerousnd unexpected wildlife come and see it for yourself!

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Articles you will read about the wild animals living in Australia do not lie!

There are enormous animals, sometimes deadly dangerous…

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If you travel around the country and go up North, you should pay attention to the signs warning about crocodiles. I went to Darwin and I did see a few; they can attain 6 meters long and weight 200 kilos. And if you decide to camp in an area where there is a risk to come across one, sleep in the car…

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OK, I am not going to scare you just yet!!! Just warn you, the wildlife in Australia is different and it is good to be aware of it! There are snakes, crocodiles and spiders but there are also koalas, kangaroos, parrots, dolphins and so on!

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To make you feel better, if you are not the adventurous person and prefer to stay in cities then there is no worry to have regarding these wild and dangerous animals, there are mainly where the population density is low.

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