QUT offering opportunities



  • ISVI (International Student volunteering Initiative) provide by Career and employment, a QUT services.
A great incentive to start your experience in the real world.
It enhance the challenges you can meet when you work for big company and teach you how to interact with people.
It also gives you a project that you should finish in a given time, however, some challenges for my own experiences unable me to present a fully finish project . In fact, we firstly faced, with my team some communications issues in between the students and also with our professional partners, and secondly we did not have the tools to accomplish the task asked. We were not the only team not able to provide a finish product. It was frustrating, however after a quick briefing from Edelia Sanchez and the organisation, we all agreed that it might have been one of the biggest challenge for this program, synchronising the student team schedule with the professionals’ schedule and communicate properly.
  • QUT ambassadors
QUT gives a chance to every students willing to take the challenges, by offering a multitude of ambassadors’ position:
  • Content creator ambassador
  • QUT International student ambassador
  • Marketing student ambassador
  • Digital International ambassador


And more… Everyone will get a chance to experience the real world does not matter if you are an undergraduate, a postgraduate or a PHD student.

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