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QUT does not lie on its promises …

Image: QUT’s 2016 International Digital Ambassadors
When I first started my master degree at QUT, I never thought that my first real world experience would be with the university itself.
Honestly, at first it was a little bit hard to understand all the platforms and consequently the opportunities that QUT could offer to us, international students. So, during the first year of my master I was a little bit frustrated as I was looking for internships on my own, out of the services QUT is offering to students.
Then during the long summer break I decided to look closer into the QUT virtual portal.
Now I am in my second year and I got an internship through Career hub, a QUT placement service; and just recently got the position of Digital International Ambassador! Which let’s be honest, got me extremely excited as now I do have a decent excuse to procrastinate in between two assessments!!! 😉
The team is really representative of Brisbane and QUT lifestyle, multicultural to the maximum. So we can all achieve great work with different perspectives, which is the world of tomorrow!
As a conclusion, if we work hard and get ourselves out there, QUT does not lie: it is
“ a university for the real world”
Thank you for creating those opportunities for us, international students!

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