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Photoblog: Parasailing at Gold Coast!

Recently, I decided to go parasailing with my friend, as kindly sponsored by the QUT Business School for my efforts from my previous semester blogging on this platform (Funfact: If you guys did not know, this blog used to be under the QUT Business School, but in this semester, it has been officially changed to the QUT International Student Blog!) I chose to go parasailing with Surfers Paradise Parasail, Jet Ski Hire and Jet Boat Rides and boy, was it fun!

We met up with the friendly crew at around 11am and off we went on a speedboat for our sail!

The day was as beautiful as it can get for a nice spring morning. The crew took us out to a little spot not too far away from Southport beach and started getting those aboard into harnesses before launching them off!

Along the way, we also encountered many people doing water activities. From kayaking, to being on speedboats, to canoeing, and jet-skiing, it was relaxing just looking at these people enjoying themselves while enjoying the lovely sea breeze.

The crew who had us was really nice and friendly. I’m so glad my friend and I made the choice to go parasailing.

The parasailing package that we chose was a tandem parasailing selection. That means that people usually go up in pairs, which was really good for a novice like me. This actually is not my first time parasailing. Having done this previously in Malaysia,  I remembered my first time parasailing involved me landing face down on the ground (a picture could probably be found somewhere on Facebook), so I was in doubt of my own capabilities to parasail. But luckily, we were launched off a little pad on the back of the boat, and were landed gently back on the same spot too!

I didn’t have many pictures, as I did not own a GoPro to take up the flight or be brave enough to bring my iPhone up (IMAGINE THE HORROR IF I WERE TO DROP IT…), so here’s just a quick summary of my little trip to the coast to parasail that day. All in all, I had tons of fun and it was a great experience. The thrill of being high up above the sea (and imaging you would fall in the whole time) and being able to see everything was simply exhilarating. Not to mention, the scenery was simply breathtaking!

If I were to rate this trip, I would definitely give it a 5/5! The only thing that I would probably lament about this would be that we only had such a short time up in the air. Nonetheless, it was still a great experience, and for everyone who hasn’t done this before… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

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