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The dreaded 1-week break

I can’t decide yet if I like the 1 week breaks that QUT throws at us every 5 or 10 weeks mid semester to ‘give us a break’.

See the quotes?

Technically yes, it is to give us a break, but little do you know that you will be spending half the time being in a dilemma over if you should focus more on your work, or to get out to have some fun so as not to spend the entire break studying. And of course, the break is soooooo long too, ONE WHOLE WEEK! (Sense the sarcasm please)

So with the dreaded one-week break now officially upon us (actually on Monday), what can you actually do to make life more productive? Apart from studying non stop and going out ALL the time, here’s a quick list of 33 things you can do from me to make your life lean towards the “Hey, I actually did something this week!”

1)   Sign up with the Real World Placement Program

2)   Head down to the coast to get some of the best Fish & Chips ever.

3)   Check out Costco and maybe get a membership.

4)   Go parasailing at Gold Coast!

5)   See some sand dunes at Sunshine Coast.

6)   Create individual word docs on your desktop for each assignment.

7)   Maybe get a couple of introductions written.

8)   Then maybe get a couple of references done.

9)   Catch up with all your lectures (like seriously).

10)  Check on your friends whom you haven’t seen in the longest time!

11)  Go camping at Lamington National Park.

12) Round up some friends and get a dessert pizza at Cowch in Southbank.

13) Book a room at QUT Library and form a study group with your friends.

14) Watch Community.

15) Look for a part time job.

16) Enrol in your classes for next semester.

17)  Think about what are you gonna do during the Summer Holidays.

18) Fantasize about visiting Cairns (Tiger Airways is having a really good promotion now #justsayin’) or Tasmania.

19)  Clean your room.

20)  Clean your kitchen.

21) Clean your house (priorities… guys.)

22) Sign up for a gym and lift some weights.

23) Join a student club at QUT.

24) Go hiking at Mt. Cootha.

25) Send emails to your tutors to arrange for consultation times.

26) Watch Friends.

27) Go for a run around Kangaroo Point cliffs.

28) Think about learning how to cook something.

29) Whip something up for your housemates (I know I should.)

30) Head down to Rocklea Markets.

31) Head down to West End Markets.

32) Take a ferry from Eagle St Pier!

33) Sleep more.

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