The little things I will miss about QUT

As the semester begins to slowly creep to its end, it is almost time for an ‘ending’. For some of us, this could just be a well-deserved break after all the hard work in the past 15 weeks. However, for some others, it could be good-bye to QUT as they begin their journey in ‘the real world’.

For myself personally, this would just be a short break. Nonetheless, there are still many things about QUT that I will miss while I am away!

1)   Studying at P Block

As I’ve mentioned earlier in one of my blog posts, one of my favourite places to study at QUT is the magnificent P block. Recently, I’ve made my venture up to the second floor of P Block and to my amazement; there were more seats and areas for students to study at! While some people might think that “Why would you miss a study spot?” but my justification is that P block has somewhat of a homely atmosphere that has made my studying sessions much more bearable.

On a side note, I should really stop promoting P block to everyone, as it might really get too crowded. Don’t go there everyone, please.


2)   Getting a coffee from Merlo’s

Getting Soy Mocha from Merlo’s has become somewhat of a ritual now everytime I go for my classes. Whether it’s the 2pm flip a coin thing that sends my heart into palpitations (the things I do to get free stuff…) or whether it’s the really nice red headed barista girl giving me a cheerful “Have a good day!” Merlo’s somehow always makes my Mondays not so blue.

3)   Enjoying the Botanic Gardens

When you are feeling all stressed and stuff, the best thing to do would be to go for a walk. While QUT GP is famous for being a city campus, what many people do not know also is that we are situated right beside the Botanic Gardens! Sometimes on sunny days, there’ll be people walking dogs and maybe even a free performance down in the park, but anyway, the Botanic Gardens are just a perk that students sometimes forget.


4)   Walking down the hill to grab something from Wooly’s

Not for the faint hearted, the hill at KG is very famous, or infamous. Walking down the hill from the KG campus to grab something from Woolworths or the shops around it has become a norm for students studying at KG during their lunch breaks. However, for those who are unfit, beware, for you might possibly faint due to overexertion.

What would you miss most about QUT?

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