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5 things you can do to be more productive!

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With exams coming right up, everybody is bound to start to feel the stress. As lecturers and tutors begin to ramp up the heat, it is no wonder that stress is becoming a huge pain. How exactly however, can you avoid stress during the stressful periods and become more productive? Well, for those who usually get so stressed that they cry into their teddies at night, here’s a list of tips and tricks:

1)   Getting started early

It’s not easy, I know. While many might feel that “hey, it’s still early!”, it would however benefit you far better if you get started right now instead of panicking later, and then getting overwhelmed by stress and end up being reduced into a ball of sniveling snot.


Start by setting timetables for yourself, or even checklist. For example, if you have a big paper coming up in three weeks, start by looking for 3 sources everyday, and then reading one single one everyday, and then starting to write an intro, and then the second paragraph, and etc. By starting small, you are building your prowess up, and thereby reducing your workload during the rush period.

2)   Exercise

We all know that students tend to binge eat to reduce stress when the exams are near, but do you know that what you could be doing actually that would benefit you the most is to exercise? It is a common fact that exercising produces endorphins which makes humans happy. Also exercising relaxes your mind and ‘restarts’ it. So instead of reaching for that bag of chips next time when you are crunching some numbers, why don’t you head out for a twenty minute walk? Apart from getting a clearer head, you might actually be able to lose some pounds too.

3)   Find the best time for you to work

I have noticed over the many years that most of my friends tend to do a lot of ‘useless’ studying, and by that I mean staring at their books or laptop and not really being productive because their minds are so tired or stressed out.  In order to beat stress and be productive, it would be best if you find your best time to work.

For example, I am most productive during the morning. However, come late afternoon, my mind just doesn’t function as well. Thus, I schedule myself to be studying in the morning everyday, and perhaps go out for a run or go about my daily errands during late afternoon before going back to the books.


Admit it, if the time you spend on Facebook or Instagram is spent on studying, you would be a genius. Stop procrastinating… Just stop.

5)   Listen to classical music

Many people like to listen to music when they are studying, and that is a good thing. However, sometimes listening to music can prove to be a distraction instead of a help. If you have to listen to some music, try classical music, as it has been proven to benefit students when it comes to studying as it calms the mind down.

So here’s a list of my top 5 tips to be more productive. Do you have any?

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