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Where exactly can you study in QUT?

Amidst all the mid semester rush and the hustle and bustle, sitting down to study is actually really hard. As in… REALLY HARD. As international students, we are already busy with things like laundry and picking up groceries (How did Mom do this?!) but with 40% reports and projects due soon, there’s no choice but to buckle up now and begin to prepare for the crunch.


However, where exactly can you study in QUT? Despite our two sprawling campuses, during the busy period when suddenly EVERYBODY needs to study, finding a decent place to study can actually be pretty hard. Nonetheless, have no fear, here’s a list of the 4 best places in QUT that you can actually study all day errrrrrrr day.

 The Library


This might possibly call for a “You don’t say?!” moment but many people seem to forget that our school libraries are actually the best places to study. While the school libraries would usually be the most ideal place to study, it is difficult however to find a spot.

As many of us would know and relate to, it is impossible to wake up in the mornings, and while that afflicts you, it also afflicts many others of QUT’s students too. Thus, in order to beat the crowd, it is best to get to school really early in the morning to find a space to buckle down. Apart from having a brighter and clearer mind in the morning, you’ll also get more motivated to study as hey, you woke up early didn’t you?

Protip: Curriculum section in KG’s Library.


 24-hour labs

Especially for the night owls I believe, not many people actually know that QUT has 24-hour labs that students can use daily. If you feel the need to get out of home after a long day of data crunching or just a change of environment so that your minds can focus better, the 24 hour labs at QUT would be a good bet.


For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, be prepared to be amazed: KG GP.


 P block in GP

Unveiled recently by QUT, GP’s P block is simply magnificent in all its architectural and technological beauty. What most people don’t know however is that the ground floor on P block also serves as a really conducive place for studying.


Apart from the many group work rooms that are available, study booths and areas meant for the sole purpose of studying are also available. P Block is also not as crowded as the library and people there just seem to be… nicer.


Balcony on Nine in Z Block (for Business School students)

Balcony on Nine2

If you are a business student now or looking to study business (congrats!), because at GP’s Z block, there is actually a business lounge especially for business students for the sole purpose of studying.

A new find that was introduced to me recently, the business lounge is a small haven for business students. Apart from having some basic kitchen facilities for the hardworking business student to reheat their lunches, the business lounge even has small rooms within for group discussions. While the business lounge can be quite full sometimes, it is however usually REALLLLY quiet, which makes for conducive studying.

(Psst.. for Engineering students, I’ve also heard that there’s a Garden Lounge in O block for you guys!)


So I hope my list of places to study in QUT has been helpful. However, since I’ve shared with you guys my places, it’s time for you guys to share with me your places! So where exactly does everyone else study in QUT? Are there any other secret places that I should know. Feel free to share if you can but meanwhile, happy studying!


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