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Applications are now open for a two-week online work experience program (June 29 – July 10). The Launch U Trade Accelerator (LTA) is a Queensland Government-backed virtual program giving students the opportunity to engage with local exporters to gain real-world work experience.  The LTA will see you solve real project cases while gaining practical experience in an online work environment.  will be part of a student team assigned to a business project focusing on a specific international market. Students will be tasked with conducting international market research and providing recommendations to the business on international growth opportunities. A total commitment of 25 hours is required.

What are the benefits to the students?

  • Work in a diverse team
  • Collaborate across disciplines
  • Manage a project
  • Deliver a market research project

Limited places are available, so apply now.


With the current changes to our way of living and moving around, QUT has adapted its learning in many creative ways. Our Science and Engineering faculty and the Faculty of Law is showing some great ways of delivering engaging and exciting classes whilst studying online.

Science and Engineering Faculty

The Science and Engineering Faculty is working hard to deliver engaging and exciting classes to students who are currently studying online. Here are few of the ways this is made possible;

Virtual prac classes

One of the Prac’s that is run in Semester 1 requires students to work in teams to pull apart a gearbox, model up the parts (3D Draw), and then put the parts back together again. Just before COVID hit, the students had managed to complete the first part of the experiment (pull the Gearboxes apart) but now had no way of reassembling and working out where all the parts go. To resolve this issue, some of our team have developed a gamified animation where students have to assemble the parts (virtually). It’s a very clever approach which is really engaging.

Filming workshops

Our Faculty Technical Services Team and Academics are filming practical classes for students to access online.

  •  We recently caught up with Hans Moravej and Glen Barnes while they were filming a prac for Civil Engineering Materials (EGB270). Through remote learning, Hans analyses concrete cylinders that have undergone compressive tests. Watch the video 
  • We recently interviewed Angus McLeod, in-between filming a prac for EGB113 (Energy and engineering systems) to find out what it’s like to now teach remotely. Watch the video 

Sending resources around the world

  • A second-year Earth & Atmospheric Sciences unit coordinator has worked with SEF Technical Services to put together and ship a package of rocks and minerals to each of the unit’s students. The packages have travelled as far as Oman, and also contain materials to aid in macroscopic mineral identification. Identifying rocks and minerals is a key part of the unit and having access to these packages allows students to pull out the rocks and minerals for that week’s lecture and be guided through learning exercises online. This unit is now being taught as a combination of hands-on learning with live and pre-recorded online lectures, as well as these online exercises.
  • Technical Services staff have been busy building, programming, and testing kits for students undertaking EGH456 (Embedded Systems) and EGB250 (Electronic Design). The kits are mailed out to the students and include instruction sheets and videos on how to assemble the items with minimal tools and technical knowledge.
  • Students studying first-year Engineering unit – Foundation of Engineering Design (EGB111) are normally required to build a fully functioning crane in our Engineering workshop spaces. Instead, building kits were posted to students containing working motors so they develop a physical build at home.

Faculty of Law

We’ve been delivering courses remotely for many years since 1977 in fact. In response to COVID-19, we up-scaled online delivery to all our students.

The real-world experience continues online, with:

  •  lectures, face-to-face tutorials and consults online
  • support services, including specialist career advice, financial assistance, and academic support
  • virtual work placements and events such as mooting and negotiation skills
  • social activities and connections.

Find out more about our online study experience at law

The ‘Thanks For Asking’ videos are a great tool for agents and students to find out more about the real-world experience of QUT students.

In these videos, students answer many of the FAQ’s commonly asked:-

    • “What’s it like being an international student in Brisbane?”
    • “Why did you choose QUT?”
    • “What’s public transport like in Brisbane?”
    • and many more…

Do you have a question that you would like answered by a QUT student?

A useful short URL has been created to get to the TFA site easily. Simply go to

Visit the ‘Thanks For Asking’ website

Here’s a ‘sneak peek’…


“My job helps to save money and time for the medical profession since I can triage and give advice early on to patients determining if they need to see a doctor or not, says Yike. I also help calm down the anxious and comfort people that are worried over the pandemic by providing them with clear advice on how to prevent infection’.
My degree from QUT has provided me with strong medical knowledge and real-world experience that has been very useful. During my degree, I did my work experience in an infectious disease ward at the hospital. This has given me a great understanding of disease control and prevention and of how things work in a clinical setting which has been very beneficial especially in this new job.

Yike loves her job and finds it very fulfilling to help other people take the right actions. She decided to apply for this job since she saw and urgency in disease control in the coronavirus outbreak.

‘It’s very rewarding and a privilege for me to utilise the skills I’ve learned at university and to contribute to societies better good, says Yike’

Watch Yike’s QUT experience

In June 2019, 100 QUT international students will be given the opportunity to access Australian industry experience as part of a new initiative launching this year. The QUT OZ EX program is a new opportunity designed for QUT international students to work in teams and complete a real world project with a local Brisbane-based industry partner. With the guidance of an in-company mentor, students will be able to enhance their industry knowledge and develop workplace skills such as teamwork, critical thinking and communication. Find out more about this new program on QUT OZ EX webpage.