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Experienced marketing and communications professional, QUT Business School

Applications are now open for a two-week online work experience program (June 29 – July 10). The Launch U Trade Accelerator (LTA) is a Queensland Government-backed virtual program giving students the opportunity to engage with local exporters to gain real-world work experience.  The LTA will see you solve real project cases while gaining practical experience in an online work environment.  will be part of a student team assigned to a business project focusing on a specific international market. Students will be tasked with conducting international market research and providing recommendations to the business on international growth opportunities. A total commitment of 25 hours is required.

What are the benefits to the students?

  • Work in a diverse team
  • Collaborate across disciplines
  • Manage a project
  • Deliver a market research project

Limited places are available, so apply now.


QUT Entrepreneurship inspires and amplifies opportunities for students, alumni, and staff to realise their entrepreneurial capabilities. We take time to understand what future entrepreneurs need to develop their business ventures, as well as their study success. We’re invested in the next generation of entrepreneurs that will make an impact in Queensland, Australia, and internationally.

Some of the regular entrepreneurial community events are:

Weekly – Online Lunch and Learn with QUT foundry

Fortnightly – QUT Entrepreneurship Virtual Community Coffee

Monthly – QUT Entrepreneurship Open Pitch Night – Online


Find out more about QUT Entrepreneurship’s online programs and virtual events

Watch the video connecting online with QUT Entrepreneurship

QUT is the first university eSports program in Australia. Esports is a $1.2 billion global industry, with about 239 million people watch gaming tournaments annually on the web, TV broadcast, and in stadiums. Competitive video gaming involves tournaments played online, with professionals also playing in stadiums in front of massive audiences.

“We’ve got the best specs in terms of games and hardware and we’ve got the most developed program in the country – training, industry linkages, competitions, and a pathway to professional involvement in a billion-dollar industry as either a player or behind the scenes, says QUT eSports coordinator Dylan Poulus”

Since COVID-19 QUT Esport has seen an increased interest by students and their engagement online is a lot higher than the previous year. Although the on-campus connection isn’t possible the connection between students in the community is still there. To keep students involved,  several social events and competitions have been held online which has been well received. QUT eSport aims to keep developing these initiatives online, even when eventually things return back normal.

One successful online initiative is the QUT Women in Esports group who has been running online social events to help drive more inclusive engagement and form strong bonds among female members of the esports community. Another event is the final round of the ladder stage of the Intervarsity League of Legends competition. All of these games are streamed on the  Twitch channel.

Find out more about QUT Esports

With the current changes to our way of living and moving around, QUT has adapted its learning in many creative ways. Our Science and Engineering faculty and the Faculty of Law is showing some great ways of delivering engaging and exciting classes whilst studying online.

Science and Engineering Faculty

The Science and Engineering Faculty is working hard to deliver engaging and exciting classes to students who are currently studying online. Here are few of the ways this is made possible;

Virtual prac classes

One of the Prac’s that is run in Semester 1 requires students to work in teams to pull apart a gearbox, model up the parts (3D Draw), and then put the parts back together again. Just before COVID hit, the students had managed to complete the first part of the experiment (pull the Gearboxes apart) but now had no way of reassembling and working out where all the parts go. To resolve this issue, some of our team have developed a gamified animation where students have to assemble the parts (virtually). It’s a very clever approach which is really engaging.

Filming workshops

Our Faculty Technical Services Team and Academics are filming practical classes for students to access online.

  •  We recently caught up with Hans Moravej and Glen Barnes while they were filming a prac for Civil Engineering Materials (EGB270). Through remote learning, Hans analyses concrete cylinders that have undergone compressive tests. Watch the video 
  • We recently interviewed Angus McLeod, in-between filming a prac for EGB113 (Energy and engineering systems) to find out what it’s like to now teach remotely. Watch the video 

Sending resources around the world

  • A second-year Earth & Atmospheric Sciences unit coordinator has worked with SEF Technical Services to put together and ship a package of rocks and minerals to each of the unit’s students. The packages have travelled as far as Oman, and also contain materials to aid in macroscopic mineral identification. Identifying rocks and minerals is a key part of the unit and having access to these packages allows students to pull out the rocks and minerals for that week’s lecture and be guided through learning exercises online. This unit is now being taught as a combination of hands-on learning with live and pre-recorded online lectures, as well as these online exercises.
  • Technical Services staff have been busy building, programming, and testing kits for students undertaking EGH456 (Embedded Systems) and EGB250 (Electronic Design). The kits are mailed out to the students and include instruction sheets and videos on how to assemble the items with minimal tools and technical knowledge.
  • Students studying first-year Engineering unit – Foundation of Engineering Design (EGB111) are normally required to build a fully functioning crane in our Engineering workshop spaces. Instead, building kits were posted to students containing working motors so they develop a physical build at home.

Faculty of Law

We’ve been delivering courses remotely for many years since 1977 in fact. In response to COVID-19, we up-scaled online delivery to all our students.

The real-world experience continues online, with:

  •  lectures, face-to-face tutorials and consults online
  • support services, including specialist career advice, financial assistance, and academic support
  • virtual work placements and events such as mooting and negotiation skills
  • social activities and connections.

Find out more about our online study experience at law

May 26 update: Please note – TOEFL Home Edition Test is not accepted for entry into nursing or associated double degrees. QUT has extended the validity of the approved English test results (TOEFL iBT, IELTS Academic and PTE ) from 2 years to 3 years, to meet English language requirements for 2020 admission with the exception of Health courses with an English Language Proficiency requirement of IELTS 7.0 or above.

TOEFL has launched a Special Home Edition test in limited countries and we are pleased to advise that QUT will accept the test as meeting English Language requirements for admission into QUT courses effective immediately. The test scores requirements remain the same as published on QUT course webpages. Given the current challenge with English testing in the COVID-19 situation, we believe this would be welcome news for you.

Please note the test is not currently available in Mainland China and Iran. Students (including Chinese and Iranian nationals) residing in other countries, where TOEFL iBT testing is normally available, have access to the test.

The test is taken at the candidate’s own computer at home. It is invigilated with the same TOEFL test format, scoring scale, and method of scoring. This test edition is available temporarily until social distancing restrictions are eased or lifted allowing return to regular test center testing. For more detailed information on the test, please refer to .

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant QUT regional managers below;

Regional Manager Email

Ms Jacqueline Yuan
North Asia and Australasia

Ms Serena Yeo
Europe and Americas

Ms Marina McKeaugue
South East Asia and Pacific

Ms Hayley McNeel
South Asia, Middle East and Africa

Mr Sajal Paul (acting)

Part 1: Held Wednesday 6 May

Watch part 1 training video below (Full webinar)

Part 2: Held Wednesday 13 May

The Bachelor of Justice majors are now: Policy and Politics + Criminology and Policing.  Students can now complete a university-wide second major or two university-wide minors as part of their Justice degree. This includes second majors, such as;

  • Online Environments (perfect for cybercrime enthusiasts) or minors in PR, journalism, international business and languages (perfect for those hoping to become politicians or diplomats) OR
  • minors in Forensics and Data Analytics, behavioral science, or Finance (perfect for those interested in criminology and financial fraud)
  • Justice students can also access Psychology and Law second majors

Students can study any of the five diplomas and enter the second year of Bachelor of Justice after this (with 96cp of AS).
Practical work experience, such as Work Integrated Learning (WIL) electives provides practical experience and credit towards the Bachelor of Justice degree. QUT Faculty of Law has over 350 work placement partners. Our Justice student, Keesha Martinuzzo completed a work placement with the Fraud Integrity Unit at Australia’s largest general insurance group, Suncorp. Watch the video about Keesha’s work experience


QUT Business School

QUT Business School is offering the following courses for the November intake:

For further information please visit QUT Business School website

QUTIC (QUT International College) courses with October/November intake

12/ 10 – General English (Session 8) start date
15/10 – English for Academic Purposes (EAP 1 and 2 Extended)
15/10 – English for Academic Purposes 3 (EAP 3 Extended)
14/10 – Standard Foundation
15/10 – Diploma Programs
19/10 – IELTS Advanced

16/11 – General English (Session 9)
19/11 – English for Academic Purposes (EAP 1 and 2 Standard)
19/11 – English for Academic Purposes 3 (EAP 3 standard)

For further information and program, dates visit the QUTIC website

#CountdownToQUT has been successful in supporting future students by providing them with all the necessary information they need to confidently start their new journey as QUT students. This initiative will continue to provide centralised practical information as student ambassadors countdown to Orientation Week with their weekly stories and tips for future students. There will also be an opportunity for your students to directly get in touch with student ambassadors if they have any questions.

The next #CountdownToQUT for Semester 2 2020 will commence on 4 May 2020. We encourage our agents and partners to share and promote this valuable resource to your students; whether they are considering QUT, or are preparing to transition and integrate into the QUT community for the upcoming semester!

Find out more about #CountdownToQUT

QUT is still 100% open for business but has now moved online for Semester 2, 2020 to be more accessible to students. Online is a good option for students to commence their studies with QUT during the COVID-19 pandemic without delaying their career plans.

For international students who are currently outside Australia, we recommend they initially study online with QUT and then come to Brisbane to study on campus, after the Australian border is reopened.

We understand you are dealing with a large volume of enquires from students regarding Semester 2, 2020. We have developed a FAQ document that will assist you as you counsel students, which covers the following key question:

  • Online study and learning support
  • Applications
  • Enrolment and fees
  • Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Student Support Services

Real-world learning never stops at QUT. Our commitment to all students is to support and assist them with their online learning. Please encourage your students to start with us online for Semester 2, 2020. Please download the FAQ documents and share it with your students.

Thank you for your ongoing support of QUT and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

FAQ for QUT International Students Sem 2, 2020 – Part 1

FAQ for QUT International Students Sem 2, 2020 – Part 2