Applying for a Conditional Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

Conditional CoE requirements

QUT considers Conditional Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for commencing applicants who:

  • Have excellent results to-date
  • Have met the requirements for their English language proficiency
  • Will receive their final academic transcript and completion certification (if applicable) before start of classes.

This will allow students to apply for the visa whilst their results are finalised. This arrangement is subject to review dependent on individual student circumstances.

Conditional CoE application process
Step 1: Applicant has a conditional offer and applies for conditional COE, please provide the following information to International Admissions via the portal:

  • Fully completed QUT Application for a Conditional CoE form
  • The most recent academic transcripts
  • English tests to meet the requirement (if applicable)
  • Documentation to satisfy any other requirement specified on the offer letter (if applicable).

Step 2: QUT will send an unconditional offer for conditional COE purposes and in the portal, please:

  • Respond to Offer and complete Acceptance of Offer form including acknowledgment of the following by indicating in the tick box:
    • I understand that I must satisfy the following condition before the start of classes in order to be admitted into the program.
  •  Finalise payment in the portal.

Step 3: When QUT has received in the portal the Respond to Offer/Acceptance of Offer form and the receipted payment, QUT will send a conditional CoE.

Step 4: Apply for visa
It is important to note that although students have received a conditional CoE, they have not formally met QUT’s entry requirements and will not be able to enrol or access QUT facilities until International Admissions receives the final academic documents. Therefore they will have no QUT services and cannot enrol until International Admissions receives the documents and the requirements are met.

QUT representatives will need to have a process in place to follow up with students to ensure the final academic documents are sent to QUT as per the agreed date.

If the entry requirements are not met, the QUT offer will be withdrawn, and the applicant’s CoE will be cancelled.

Please see the updated QUT Conditional eCoE Application Form.

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