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Nursing alumni makes a difference in difficult times

“My job helps to save money and time for the medical profession since I can triage and give advice early on to patients determining if they need to see a doctor or not, says Yike. I also help calm down the anxious and comfort people that are worried over the pandemic by providing them with clear advice on how to prevent infection’.
My degree from QUT has provided me with strong medical knowledge and real-world experience that has been very useful. During my degree, I did my work experience in an infectious disease ward at the hospital. This has given me a great understanding of disease control and prevention and of how things work in a clinical setting which has been very beneficial especially in this new job.

Yike loves her job and finds it very fulfilling to help other people take the right actions. She decided to apply for this job since she saw and urgency in disease control in the coronavirus outbreak.

‘It’s very rewarding and a privilege for me to utilise the skills I’ve learned at university and to contribute to societies better good, says Yike’

Watch Yike’s QUT experience

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