Creative Industries

Exciting short-term programs for Creative Industries students

The Creative Industries Faculty (CIF) recently eclipsed its previous record for the number of students undertaking an overseas short-term program (STP).

The most popular destination was the University of Arts London Summer School (UAL) which recently hosted 30 CIF students, including six international students, for three weeks in June-July to study one of the 33 programs on offer.

CIF actively encourages students to consider an overseas learning experience during their course. QUT has hundreds of partners including student exchange, overseas internships, study tours and STPs.

Clara Chen studied graphic design at UAL Summer School











‘It was such a great time! I don’t want to end this course!’

Short term programs are very popular, because of the following reasons:

  • generally 2 – 4 weeks in length
  • occur in the uni holidays
  • students generally receive credit for undertaking an STP (subject to faculty approval)
  • students currently receive a $1,000 travel bursary from QUT Global to support their STP travel
  • students enhance their global-mindedness and employability by adding an international activity to their resume
  • an opportunity to explore the world, making international friends and connections

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