Download the Updated Version of the Agent Checklist form

QUT has made some changes to the Agent Checklist form and an updated version can be downloaded from QUT Agent Portal.

See our Law and Recruitment page on QUT Agent Portal for more information on the SSVF framework, QUT’s changes regarding recruitment and admissions of students from specified countries, agent checklist, genuine temporary entry, statement of purpose, and more. A summary is as below.

Genuine Temporary Entry Guidelines

QUT is required to ensure that students who enrol are genuine students and are able to sufficiently support themselves and any accompanying dependants during their QUT studies. This assists in maintaining the high quality of student applications and enhancing the reputation of QUT and your agency. We require your support in assessing the soundness of students and their financial capacity for the duration of their study.

With the introduction of SSVF from July 2016, QUT continues to monitor its admission applications and student transfer trends.
Under the SSVF framework, QUT may introduce new measures to assure its sound immigration risk rating position in collaboration with our agent partners.

Given the recent application trends, QUT is implementing some changes for recruitment and admissions from these specified countries:

  1. If you are assisting applicants with citizenship from these countries and who are based outside Australia, an Agent Checklist (AC form) must be completed and attached with their applications. Please note, agents in Australia will not be able to assist applicants from these countries if they are not currently in Australia.
  2. A guideline on Genuine Temporary Entry is also available to assist you with assessing applicants’ GTE circumstances.
  3. Applicants from these countries are required to submit a detailed Statement of Purpose (SOP) to clarify or explain how the risk is mitigated.
  4. Pathway TAFE offers will not be issued for applicants from these countries.

You must also immediately inform QUT of any visa refusal, at any stage from your student’s application, through to current enrolment at QUT.

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