Blue card application lodgement requirement for Health courses

Offers for some health courses will no longer require blue card application lodgement as a condition of acceptance. This arrangement also applies to new and existing package offers which require students to undertake QUT International College pathway program/s before a Health degree course, e.g. EAP3 + B Nursing (Graduate Entry). Students will be required to lodge their blue card application upon course commencement as it is a requirement for students in Health courses to be issued with a suitability card (Blue card) before commencing their clinical placement.

Where the offer is for direct degree entry (i.e. without QUT International College pathway programs) with a blue card condition specifying a due date, the condition must be satisfied prior to acceptance. This applies to NS42 Bachelor of Nursing (Accelerated/Graduate Entry) and CS44 Bachelor of Podiatry (Graduate Entry) offer conditions which requires submission of blue card by the designated dates of 24 December (Semester 1) and 24 May (Semester 2).

These changes apply to Health courses only.

Blue card application lodgement requirements for Education courses still apply, ie they will be included as a condition of acceptance.

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