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25% fee waiver scholarships available to selected double degree students

  1. The 25% fee waiver scholarships that currently exist in the QUT Business School, Creative Industries and SEF, have now expanded to include a range of double degrees across faculties.  This scholarship is called the International Merit Double Degree Scholarship.
    1. The eligible programs are:  IX22, IX23, IX28, IX30, IX34, IX36, IX56, IX67.
    2. Students will receive a 25% fee waiver of tuition fees for the first two semesters (provided there are no fail units)
    3. Students must maintain a GPA of 5.75 after the first two semesters to continue on the scholarship.
    4. Information on the web is currently being updated to reflect these changes.
    5. Students are eligible from Semester 2, 2014 and the last intake at this stage is Semester 2, 2015.  This is consistent with existing scholarships and will be reviewed at a later date.
    6. Students undertaking UCTP are now eligible for the scholarships once they reach faculty.  This means any student doing General English, EAP and UCTP packages are eligible for the scholarships as long as they meet the academic conditions of the degree program.
      1. The scholarship only applies to the degree tuition (not English component), and the degree must commence in an approved availability.  Note the fee waiver does not apply to the two faculty subjects being undertaken in UCTP, but once students’ progress to the degree, the fee waiver is applied from there forward.
      2. Postgraduate (Business & IT) Pathway offers are not eligible for the scholarship
      3. University Diplomas (BS40, IT10, IF06) packages are not eligible for the scholarship, except where there is an approved MOU for transition to BS05 programs.  For example Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies, Dongguk University cohorts.
    7. Scholarship offers will continue to be assessed and processed by QUT admissions as per current process.

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