Disaster Management Public Service

Influencing Indonesia From Risk Management to Digital Literacy

By Akhmad Firmannamal, Indonesia

Being part of the Australia Awards Short Course , Better Governance: Public Sector Risk Management at QUT opened new opportunities for my personal and professional growth. QUT organised the program systematically, with a combination of theoretical (on-campus) and practical knowledge (site visits to relevant institutions in three states). They even helped me to find a potential supervisor for my doctorate study plan at the Creative Industries Faculty. With my skills developed, and professional networks gained at QUT, I am now involved in the Digital Literacy National Movement in Indonesia, targeting as many as 12.4 million people in 514 districts and cities in 34 provinces. We now have more than 20,000 activities based on modules and curricula targeting the four pillars of digital literacy: digital ethics, digital safety, digital skills, and digital culture. This movement is aimed to build public awareness and knowledge regarding the use of new technology, as well as to improve people’s skills in interacting in the digital space so that they can use the moments of the digital era properly and optimally.

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