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Teaching Sustainability and Safety for a Stronger Cambodia

By Ly Hav, Prok Narith and Rath Sovann Sathya, Cambodia

After completing the short course, “Ensuring Safety in the Construction Sector and Built Environment” delivered by QUT, a group of three lecturers from the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, Ly Hav, Prok Narith and Rath Sovann Sathya, integrated safety and sustainability in constructions as¬† part of the curriculum of several subjects being taught there, namely Steel Structure Design, Technology of Building, Safety and Hygiene and Architect Concept. ¬†Students have shown their interest and paid great effort on completing their assigned work.

For further improvement, the group is also considering students to apply the selected contents to their final thesis work in both design and construction technology parts. They expect that this project will continue contributing to safety in construction industries in Cambodia through the awareness and willingness to design, to apply and to improve from their graduated students.

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