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Accelerating Business in Bhutan

By Kalyan Mahat, Bhutan

My Australia Awards experience was enriching. It inspired to innovate and clarify my business strategy. I realised that I have the opportunity to leverage the distinct Bhutan brand to be more attractive to customers, and therefore be more sustainable as an enterprise whilst keeping my commitment to environmental sustainability. The changes and improvements I made to my business practice made my company grow significantly — thanks to the new competencies and linkages I made due to the Australia Awards program. Up to now, I remain connected with my Australian mentors.

I was very much encouraged after visiting a small winery in Kangaroo Island. Although it was a small unit, it was making world class wines and zin which had won international awards! I have learnt that the size of the firm does not matter but quality, hard work, perseverance and determination to excel do. I am now trying my best to make low volume – high value premium products for the market.

I am very much grateful to Australia Awards, QUT and others involved in the program,  Business Acceleration for Entrepreneurs (Bhutan), for giving me the opportunity to learn, and for making  the  short course a very memorable one.


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